GENEsession to come which is more than drinking coffee

It all started about a year ago in a hotel room in Chicago. There were local Pomeranian officials, a group of local tri-city entrepreneurs and a some bottles of whisky. Unfortunately, the Marshal’s question – how to stimulate entrepreneurship with help of the government was not answered that night. Some time later we initiated GENE (not only to answer the question, but more importantly to put the answer into action). Our first visible activity was organising the OpenCoffee which takes place bi-weekly and we believe it has been great so far, we’ve met a lot of new people, found out what they do and hopefully many of us met opportunities we had not known about. But it is time to do something more.

Developing an entrepreneurial community

The very goal of GENE (more details in the GENE founding paper here) is help build and expand the entrepreneurial community in the Gdańsk or even the Pomeranian area – so we decided we need to start connecting people around more than just coffee and morning chats. We will be organising a monthly evening meetup, with some beer and other drinks, with a rather laid-back atmosphere to stimulate discussions and hopefully new ideas. Some of the evening events will be dedicated to a single theme and might have some sort of agenda, but these meetups will be about surprises, spontaneity, celebrating successes together and fun. The main goal is to connect the entrepreneurs, free-thinkers, investors, artists and creators of Tri-city. If you feel you have something important to share with others, or when you want to perform, if you’d like to try out your pitch or simply have a great story to share – come join us – I’m sure plenty of people will want to listen to you! If you want to meet interesting and inspiring people – join us as well. If you know of anyone who would benefit from being there with us – let them know.

Idea jam session

We would like the meeting to be an “idea and discussion jam session” – we don’t know what will be discussed, where that discussions will lead or who you will meet there. What we do know is that we want you to be surprised, open minded. Because of the jam-session resemblance we decided to call the event GENEsession. GENEsessions will take place every second Thursday of each month – with the first one on the 12th of December, at 7 PM at Klub Atelier in Sopot. So save the date (and the following ones as well!). We do not hand out tickets. There’s a simple entry rule: full is full.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event.

Looking forward to seeing you there and of course at one of the OpenCoffees in the meantime!.

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