Stimulating the Gdansk entrepreneurial gene

From the outside you might not realize, but the Poles are probably among the most intelligent, innovative and creative people in the world. Poles win many Math and coding contests. Converting these capabilities into known solutions and world-famous companies hasn’t been too successful though. Fortunately, this is changing. Some evidence for this statement is the recent acquisition of Ivona by Amazon. And we believe this is just the beginning. This is why we’ve started GENE and below you can download our founding paper.

The Entrepreneurial revolution

During the 70′s/80′s Solidarity revolutionized Poland. Today it’s time for an entrepreneurial revolution because we firmly believe entrepreneurship is deep in the Polish genes. And therefore a group of Gdańsk based entrepreneurs launched GENE, the Gdańsk Gdańsk Entrepreneurial Network. The initial thoughts about GENE arose during the economic mission to Silicon Valley in October 2012, organized by the Pomeranian Region and the Gdańsk government.

We need to find our own identity

Trying to copy Silicon Valley is something we strongly believe we shouldn’t aim for, because it’s just not possible. Developing an entrepreneurial community that enables entrepreneurship to flourish in our city and region is certainly something we could (and should) aim for. This is why several Tri-City based entrepreneurs founded GENE, the Gdańsk Entrepreneurial NEtwork.
Entrepreneurs will have to take the lead, supported by the government, universities and other institutions. The GENE founding paper aims to describe what things we could start doing today, step by step and can be downloaded here.

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