Growing the Gdansk Entrepreneurial Network

GrowingSome months ago we’ve started GENE with just four crazy entrepreneurs who would like to make a difference in our region. There are many ideas that we would like to implement and we know that there are a lot more great thoughts and ideas pending on other entrepreneur’s heads. To make we will be able to implement at least some of the ideas we would like to grow the “core GENE team”. Building a successful community cannot be handled by four guys, who also have their own daily duties. It’s the community itself that has to enable this growth. Therefore, we invite other entrepreneurs to join the team. Participation is rather easy and won’t take a lot of your time, but might for sure give you a lot of positive energy.

Seeing the attendance of our OpenCoffee meetings and the amount of people who read our Facebook page, we have the feeling that GENE has started fulfilling a certain need. Meanwhile, we know that many more needs are there still to be worked on. Many hands make a big job a rather easy one, so we are looking for more hands (and brains).

Like mentioned participation is rather easy. You decide how much time you want to give to the community and what task(s) you would like to perform. Among others the following things could be done:

  • Organise an event
  • Become the coordinator of a group of events (like the OpenCoffee)
  • Join the GENE PR team to manage our online content (website, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters)
  • Moderate one of our topics on our website
  • Represent GENE, on behalf of other entrepreneurs, at (official) meetings in Tri-City around different topics like education, co-working space, stimulating entrepreneurship etc.
  • Manage our website (from a technical point of view)
  • Other ….. Just name it and we can discuss.

Do you want to bring something to the Gdansk Entrepreneurial Network? Join us at one of the OpenCoffee’s or leave a message and we will get back to you.

Thanks in advance for any support!

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